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Hi and welcome to Natures Loving Embrace website. For a long time I have been on an ever-changing journey trying to live a healthier life, my friends consider me a bit of a health nut and I probably would not disagree! Over time I learned that even though eating healthy and getting exercise could minimize or postpone health problems, there was still one area where I could use some improvement.

The products we use on an everyday basis contain chemicals that could be harmful to our health, and at worst, may even cause cancer. When I began to research the effects of some artificial ingredients in my skin care products, I got scared. It was bad enough to be exposed to pollution, it was worse to slather it all over my skin. Maybe I could not repair the damage I had already done, but I could certainly make better choices. I’m here to help you do the same!

My Motivation to Change

Years ago I lost both of my parents to cancer, which is one of the main reasons I adopted a healthier diet and started to exercise to avoid the same fate (they died WAY too young). When I was in nursing school we learned about different ways to give medications, and one is topically (through the skin). That means whatever you apply to your skin can be absorbed into your body like a sponge.

That got me thinking about all the chemicals in my skin care products (oh my!)…those names on the label that are 27 letters long that you cannot pronounce? Could the long term effects of using so many chemicals from so many products cause side effects that can make you sick, maybe even the cancer I have been trying to avoid? This became my motivation to change. My passion has been to find products that clean, nourish and pamper your skin, with no worries!

How I Can Help You Love the Skin You Are In

It’s not easy finding all natural lotions and soaps that you LOVE. Some are just okay, some…not so much. Natures Loving Embrace is for those just getting started, experts who have done their research, and anyone in between who want to find the best products without spending countless hours searching.

Are there any products that contain absolutely no harmful ingredients? Yes! What soaps or cleansers won’t dry out your skin? Which lotions are just for your body, not your face? So many questions, so little time! Not only that, but it is expensive buying products only to find that they are very disappointing (and get tossed in the trash).

I hear you.

My goal is to help you find all natural lotions, creams, oils, soaps and cleansers that you can buy with confidence. I will be researching and, when possible, testing products. I will share reviews, discuss good and bad ingredients, and save you time and money. I will point out the benefits of certain butters or oils to help you find the right products for your special needs – dry, oily, or combination skin, and my personal favorite, wrinkles!

One More Thing…

It’s not only important to find good skin care products that you can trust. I think it is also valuable to use those that make you feel pampered, leave your face and body feeling clean, soft, healthy, and beautiful…like you! Check out the website and if you have any helpful hints or special finds that you would like to share, with respect to all natural lotions and soaps, please feel free to leave a comment, I would value your input.

To loving the skin you are in,


Natures Loving Embrace


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