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Best All Natural Body Soap

I know that a lot of people really like body wash, but I prefer a good old-fashioned bar of soap when taking a bath or shower. I have been on a quest for quite some time to find the best all natural body soap. I like to work up a really nice lather in my washcloth and give this old skin a good bubbly buffing, especially since I’m usually showering right after sweating on the treadmill.

Keep It Safe, No Skittering Allowed

But I’m picky. Real picky. These are my “rules” in order of preference for what I consider to be a good bar of soap that is worth buying again:

  • Must have great ingredients, nothing harmful
  • Must rinse clean (little to no skittering…see below)
  • Should have a really nice lather
  • Should be a decent size bar for the price and that doesn’t melt too quickly
  • Should have a nice clean scent, nothing too wild

There are two must-haves on my list.

  1. Obviously I want a safe product, no harmful stuff.
  2. I do NOT want a soap that leaves my skin squeaky clean.

What? Oh, don’t get me wrong, I want to be very clean, but I just hate it when I run my hands over my skin under the water to rinse off the soap and my hands go skittering across my skin rather than gliding smoothly over the surface. When that happens, I’m sure there must be soap residue clinging to my skin, or I have completely stripped it dry of its own natural oils and protective nutrients. The goal should be to remove the dirt and slough off the old layer of dead skin cells, but to leave enough of the protective layer to do its job (keep good bacteria in and bad bacteria out).

Lathering Up, Size Matters, Make It Last – (We Are Talking About SOAP)

I want (love, love, love) a nice lather. Most safe and natural/organic soaps that I have tried do not have a great lather. And truth be told, it is NOT an indicator of a good soap. You can get plenty clean without an amazing lather, it is just not that important…to other people. But to me? I have tried to like soaps that lack in this department, but I am weak. Sorry, gotta have it.

And…ahem…size matters. If I am getting a weenie little 3 oz. bar of soap and paying up the wazoo for it, I am not happy. I do not want to feel ripped off, I want VALUE. Yeah, yeah, you had to scour the world to find your magic ingredients, but I have to wash EVERY day.


For this product testing, I did spend more (way more) than I normally would to see if it makes a difference. I’m not convinced it does because one of the more expensive ones did land in first place, but the most expensive one was in last place. So…I still believe you do not have to spend an incredible amount of money on a bar of soap to hit most of my requirements. On the other hand, you are not going to get a great big bar of soap that is freaking amazing for a couple of bucks…but you can get darn close.

Hopefully, if you spend a little more, you will get a bar of soap that has some lasting power. The key to making your bar last is to soap up a washcloth and use it to wash (also good for exfoliating your skin). If you hold it in your hand and let the water run all over it while you are showering, it will melt away much more quickly; and remember to store the soap in a soap dish that allows it to dry out (not sit in a puddle of water and turn to mush).

Why So Dry?

Do you know how hard it is to find a bar of soap that meets my high expectations? Nearly impossible. I have tried soaps over the years that include shea butter and a long list of soothing oils and still ended up with skin that was too dry. The obvious solution is probably not to shower every day (in America, we are a bit obsessed with our bathing regimen), or not to take a hot shower since hot water dries out your skin.

child washing face

In the dead of winter when my skin is feeling parched (and when I have not worked up a stinky sweat), I will skip a day. But truthfully, I rarely miss.

The other way to avoid too dry skin is to choose a soap that does not lather very much because the more lather there is the more it strips away the oils of your skin.  Yeah, that’s not going to happen.  I like my lather, thank you very much.  But don’t despair, because I did find a few soaps that meet my expectations, or at least come darn close.

It’s What On the Inside That Counts

I compared the ingredient lists for each of the 5 soaps below to see if I could figure out why one soap seemed better than another. I found they share some of the same ingredients in common, all of the soaps have Coconut Oil (see my post on the amazing benefits). The other oils that were often included are olive, avocado, and palm, as well as shea butter.

The only ingredients that stood out in the one I liked the most were rosehip seed, grapeseed, and Tocopherol (Vitamin E). Rosehip seed is usually used to make rosehip oil which has antioxidants and essential fatty acids that can help with hydration, fine lines, and scars. Tocopherol is commonly used as a preservative, it is a form of Vitamin E derived from vegetable oils. Tocopherol and grapeseed oil are both known as antioxidants, and they act as anti-inflammatory agents, and moisturizers. All good, right?

But truthfully, I cannot tell you why some of the soaps do meet my #1 “no skittering across my skin while rinsing” rule. I can only say that I am very pleasantly surprised. Maybe this is not a requirement for you, and maybe you are like one of the many people who are not as concerned about lather. Whatever your preferences, the following 5 soaps are very highly rated by those who have purchased them. Therefore, I believe all of them to be good choices, it is just a matter of your own preferences as to which one(s) you would like to try.

best all natural body soap

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Best All Natural Body Soap Review – The Results


100 Percent Pure Lavender Butter Soap

  • Price: $10.00
  • Size: 4.5 oz / 127 g
  • Features: For All Skin Types, Vegan
  • Ingredients: All good
  • Rinses: Clean (No Skittering)
  • Lather: Amazing!!
  • Value: This soap will last if you are careful, but it’s expensive
  • Scent: Nice

By far my favorite soap, no soap film left on the skin at all, it has a wonderful lather that lasted on my washcloth to the very end of the shower. Left my skin feeling very soft and has a very light lavender scent. If you prefer a different scent, they have six other varieties you can try. If they ever run a special price on this soap, I will buy a bunch! I’ve purchased other products that I like from this company as well, and they have a great return policy if you are not satisfied.

Wait! There is a Tie for 2nd Place!!


Natures Brands Herbal Choice Mari Natural Handmade Soap Bar, Oatmeal Lavender

  • Price: $6.99
  • Size: 3.2 oz.
  • Features: For Dry and Sensitive Skin, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free
  • Ingredients: All good
  • Rinses: Clean (No Skittering)
  • Lather: Good
  • Value: This soap seemed to last longer and it was less expensive than #1
  • Scent: Nice

This soap was a close second to first place, it rinses nice and clean, no skittering. Though it does have a nice lather, it was not as rich and long lasting as my #1 choice. Overall, I like this soap, my skin was very soft, and because the price was better, I would definitely consider buying this one again. Nature’s Brands sells many different products, I am currently using their Lavender Organic Hand & Body lotion, which is very rich and soothing for super dry skin.


One With Nature Shea Butter and One With Nature Dead Sea Mud

  • Price: About $13-$14 for three bars
  • Size: 7 oz.
  • Features: Non-GMO, Cruelty Free, the Dead Sea Mud is great for exfoliation
  • Ingredients: Made from Dead Sea Minerals, all good
  • Rinses: Very little (if any) skittering
  • Value: Great! This is one whopping big bar at 7 oz. and it lasts a long time
  • Scent: Unscented

This soap is also a close second to first place, I thought I detected a teensy bit of skittering when rinsing but only when my skin was exceptionally dry before showering.  It has a very nice lather! I’ve tried both varieties of Shea Butter and Dead Sea Mud.  The Dead Sea Mud has a grainy feel when you rub it over your skin, but it is meant to help with exfoliation. The Shea Butter bar is super smooth (my favorite of the two).  One With Nature sells lots (and lots) of different soaps, so you can be sure you’ll find the perfect one for your needs.


lady in the tub

Christina Moss Naturals Organic Body Soap

  • Price: 2 bars for $15.99
  • Size: 4 oz. each
  • Features: Vegan, No Animal Testing, Cruelty Free, GMO Free
  • Ingredients: All good
  • Rinses: Squeaky clean
  • Lather: Very good
  • Value: This is “glycerin” soap (you can see through the bar), melts quickly if you are not careful
  • Scent: Nice

This soap left my skin squeaky clean, which may be good for you even though it is not my preference. It lathers very nicely and did leave my skin feeling soft. You get two bars for the price, and they are very pretty with a swirly design. I wanted to like this soap more than I actually did, because I absolutely love their Organic Facial Wash (and several other products!), but this soap was not my favorite.


Just Nutritive Gaiana Hypoallergenic Soap

  • Price: $12.99
  • Size: 4 oz.
  • Features: For All Skin Types, Vegan
  • Ingredients: All good
  • Rinses: Squeaky clean
  • Lather: Good
  • Value: The most expensive one, but it does last if you are careful
  • Scent: Nice

This soap left my skin squeaky clean, which (as I have said) may be good for you even though it is not what I am looking for. It has a decent lather and it did leave my skin feeling soft. Some people who left a review said they use it on their face and saw their skin clear up, they also make soap for acne and psoriasis, and they have many long time happy customers.

That About Sums It Up

rubber ducks

I will probably continue my quest to find the best all natural body soap.

One reason is because I like to try new products, the other is because just when you find one you love, they always seem to change the formula or discontinue it (or increase the price…). So how about you? Do you have a favorite soap you’d like to share? Please leave a comment below and let me know if you tried one of these or if you have another you can recommend.

Rub A Dub Dub!!




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