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In an effort to find the best all natural facial cleanser, I searched the internet for cleansers that met my strict requirements – as natural and safe as possible, preferably organic, responsibly made (cruelty free), not too harsh, good consistency (not too watery), decent scent, not too expensive, and, well, not icky.  There are certainly more cleansers out there that you could try than those listed below, but I am only reporting on those from companies which I have made previous purchases and know that I can trust.  As you will see, even when you have a less than perfect experience, you want to know they stand behind their promises.

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My #1 Choice for Best All Natural Facial Cleanser

number one

Christina Moss Naturals Organic Facial Wash

4 oz.


This cleanser is for all skin types, it is a clear formula, has a thicker, more concentrated consistency (a little really does go a long way), and it has a slightly medicinal scent.  It works into a very nice lather and removes make up with ease (I can see it swirling down the drain when I rinse).  Ladies (and gents), as you will see when reading further, this is important to me.

I had a difficult time picking my number one choice because I kept going back and forth between this cleanser and my second choice below by PuraVeda.  I finally decided which one came in first for me when I ran out of the product.  When the tube of facial wash was all gone and I had to use the other cleansers exclusively, I missed this one the most (and quickly reordered).  Why?  It is a personal choice, really.

I was enticed by the scent from the other cleansers, the scent on this one is nothing special, but I wanted something that left my face feeling completely clean.  Some cleansers will advertise that your face will feel moisturized when your done washing.  Sounds nice, right?  By the end of the day, the oils from my skin have mixed with my makeup and I’m ready to scrub my face clean (and change into my T-shirt and jammie pants!!).

When I use a “moisturizing cleanser”, especially one that is thick and creamy, it does not easily rinse off with water.  And, I’m sorry, but I’m not willing to add another step by first wiping my face with cotton pads.  I’m too tired/ lazy/cheap…pick one.  That means I have to keep shifting the washcloth around to wipe the mess from my face…and then my washcloth is covered in a slick of old makeup goop.  Eww.  I want my face to feel fresh, clean, and soft with no residue, and no worries that I’ve left any makeup on my face.  So, like I said, a personal choice, but nonetheless important to me.  If you want a dewier feel when you are done, keep reading.

My #2 Choice (but sometimes #1)

number two

PuraVeda Organics Calendula (Vata/Normal)

4 oz.


This cleanser is for Normal to Dry Skin and has a gel-like consistency.  The scent reminds me of spring when it has just rained and the air is sweet with a slightly floral scent (bird chirping…).  It works into a decent lather, better when you use more product.  It does remove makeup, but it requires a little work with a washcloth to be sure it has been completely removed from your face (I do not see as much makeup swirling down the drain when rinsing).

This one was a very close second to my #1 choice, as a matter of fact I kept going back and forth between this one and Christina Moss’ Organic Facial Wash and will probably continue to use both.  This cleanser will leave your face feeling more moisturized/less dry when you’re done (great for the winter months or drier climates). The other reason this was not my first choice is because it is more expensive.  However, it is 100% organic and 100% Ayurvedic. Most cleansers will include organic ingredients, but cannot say they are 100% organic, so that makes this cleanser pretty darn special.

My #3 Choice

100% Pure Argan Oil Creamy Cleanser

3.4 oz


This cleanser is for Dry Skin, it is a milky white formula, with a thick and rich consistency.  The scent is sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows…ah, I mean, it is heavenly, a citrus scent (think creamsicle) that makes me smile.  Why third instead of first or second?  Well, it’s the most expensive one, and I think it leaves a bit of a residue on my skin, not unpleasant or sticky, just something is there.  And it does not rinse as easily as Christina Moss Facial Wash.  In other words, I don’t see as much makeup swirling down the drain with rinsing, and it requires a little work with the washcloth.

I will say that my skin feels soft after each use and because it is for dry skin, it does the job without being harsh.  Lately I have been using it in the shower in the morning, I apply the cleanser, massage it in or use my facial brush, and then lightly rub it off using a washcloth under the water.  Though this is not my first or second choice, I would consider buying this one again, and according to the reviews on the 100percentpure.com website, 93% of those who have used it are very satisfied.  And that scent…mmmmm.

My #4 Choice

100% Pure Fermented Rice Water Cleanser

3.4 oz


This cleanser is designed for all skin types, it is a clear formula, meant to brighten the skin.  The scent is somewhat medicinal, maybe smells like sake?  Those who have rated this product on the 100percentpure.com website have shared similar experiences as mine, yet over 75% of the people who tried it were very satisfied.  That being said, I have to say my experience with the product was disappointing.

First, the product has a very slippery texture, second, it feels more like you are applying oil to your face rather than a cleanser, and while it most definitely moisturizes, I do not believe it washes away a whole lot of impurities.  After using the product more than once, including very vigorous rubbing and working it into my skin, some of my foundation and blush was still left on my face, as evidenced by the makeup showing up on many cotton swabs that I used with toner after washing.  I gave up on this cleanser after a few tries because I had to rewash my face every time.  But there is a good ending to this story…read on.

I called the company and told them I was unhappy with the product and they were true to their satisfaction guarantee.  I was able to purchase a different cleanser and simply pay the difference (see Argan Oil cleanser above).  We are all different, and what I like, you may not…so you want to know that a company is going to stand behind their products.  I am proof that they will.  How refreshing!


So there you have it.  Even if you decide one of these products is not quite right for you, please check out the websites to see if they carry another product that meets your needs.  If you decide to make a purchase, yes, I will make a little money on the sale, but if you do not, that’s okay, please at least consider buying all natural products from another company you trust.  If you do make a purchase, or if you find a cleanser with all natural ingredients that you love, please share your comments below.  Now go wash your face!





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