Facial Cleansing Brush

Facial Cleansing Brush Reviews

Since I’ve been trying out new facial cleansers, I also decided to a little research on facial brushes. Below you will find my facial cleansing brush reviews that will explain the advantages of using one, what to look for, what to stay away from, and how to determine which one is best for you.

Owning A Facial Cleansing Brush – What Are the Advantages?

Before we get into the facial cleansing brush reviews, you may want to understand why using them can make such a difference in your complexion.  Here are the amazing advantages:

  • Provide deeper cleaning to remove more oil, dirt, and makeup from your pores better than a washcloth
  • Provide exfoliation to remove dead skin cells to get rid of dull looking skin
  • Exfoliation prepares the surface of your skin to better absorb of skin care products (toners, serums, and moisturizers)
  • Exfoliation also speeds up the process of replacing skin cells and this leads to the appearance of smaller pores
  • May help to clear up acne prone skin
  • Provide a nice massage to your skin and underlying facial muscles, massage promotes circulation which is important for maintaining healthy tissue

Who Should Use A Facial Cleansing Brush?

Facial cleansing brushes can be used by almost everyone. They are not recommended for people who have extremely dry, red, or super sensitive/delicate skin; people who are going through a major flare up of acne; or those who have rosacea or eczema. If you are unsure, you should always check with your doctor first. Those who have dry, normal, combination, oily, or acne prone skin will experience the best results from using a facial brush.

What Types of Cleansing Brushes Should You Buy?

The type of brush you should consider buying and how you use it should be based on your individual needs – cleansing devices are primarily broken down into two groups:

  • The type of brushes/cleansers – bristle brushes and silicone brushes and cleansers
  • The action of the brush/cleanser – spinning (around in a circle) and oscillating (vibrating back and forth, also called sonic)

Bristle brushes are circular, they can rotate or oscillate. They do a better job with exfoliation and deep cleaning, but if not cleaned properly can collect bacteria.

Dog with scrub brush

Silicone brushes can be circular in shape and rotate or oscillate (like a bristle brush); they can also be flat, covered in little nubs and vibrate, and are held in the palm of your hand. Silicone brushes, overall, are gentler on your skin and easier to clean.

Spinning brushes are a bit controversial, some say they will tear your skin, are too harsh, and that you should choose oscillating facial brushes instead; others say they will do a better job with exfoliation but are better suited for normal to oily complexions. Some resources say oscillating brushes do not exfoliate as well as spinning brushes and that they are well suited for sensitive or more delicate/mature skin.

OMG – my head is spinning and oscillating just thinking about all of these opinions!  I think the key is to understand your skin, what it can handle, and how to properly use the brush. For instance, I happen to know that even though I would be considered as having mature skin, I have an oily T-zone and could probably handle a spinning brush in these areas. I also know that no matter what choice you make, light pressure is always best, let the appliance do the work as you move it over your skin.

What Features Should You Look For?

Brush Head Attachments

Which brings me to the next subject – the types of heads you can use on your device. Some brushes come with multiple heads, one for exfoliation, one for gentle cleansing, one for make up or moisturizer application. Some even come with brushes you can use on other parts of your body like a pumice stone for your feet. Most reviews I read state that no matter how many heads a facial cleansing tool comes with, you will mostly like use only one or two heads – one to exfoliate weekly and one for the rest of the time, so don’t let this influence your choice too much.

One very important consideration in choosing the device that is right for you is whether replacement heads are available. If you use the brush on a regular basis (a few times a week), you should change the brush head every 2-3 months. Not all facial brush companies sell replacement heads, which means you would have to purchase a new one every few months. Now that might not be a bad idea if you want to try more than one device, however, most units should last 2-3 yrs. Also keep in mind that some replacement heads can cost just as much as a new unit.

Waterproof vs Water ResistanceRaindrops

The majority of the facial brushes out there will claim to be waterproof. They refer to an IPX designation (Ingress Protection) that gives you an idea just how waterproof they are. Anything IPX5 or 6 should be able to handle getting hit by jets of water. Anything IPX7 should be able to handle immersion (think sink or bathtub but nothing deeper). But IPX7 is not necessarily better, because it does not guarantee protection from jets of water, only immersion. Confusing right? I plan to use mine standing at the sink or in the shower, I do NOT plan to spray it, dunk it, or drop it in the tub, how about you?

A word to the wise, if a facial brush is battery operated, that is one more compartment for water to leak into, and that is a frequent complaint found in the reviews for those who purchased battery operated devices, even the ones claiming to be waterproof. Some advertise waterproof in bold letters, then in the detailed description say it is water resistant. Just be smart about how you use it, don’t hand it to the kiddies to play with!

Battery vs Rechargeable

As stated above, water can leak into the compartment housing that holds the batteries. More than one review I saw showed pictures of water-logged batteries, even one that shorted out as a result of water sneaking in. Rechargeable facial brushes save you the headache of buying batteries on a regular basis, and there is less opportunity for water to leak inside. I vote for a rechargeable device. One additional note, some rechargeable brushes come with a USB plug, not a wall outlet plug. Obviously, if this is an issue for you, then you’ll need to select a brush that can plug into a wall outlet.

Tips for Use

  • Remove makeup first so you don’t push it back into your poreschild washing face
  • Do not press too hard with the brush
  • Do not use an exfoliating cleanser with particles because it is too abrasive for your skin
  • You may notice more breakouts when you first start using a facial cleansing brush until your skin adjusts
  • You must clean your brush after each use to remove bacteria or risk spreading bacteria onto your skin and causing breakouts
  • I found conflicting information about recommendations for the frequency of use, some say people oily skin can handle once daily use, others say no one should use it more than 2-3 times per week. To put it in perspective, if you are working with a softer brush, you may be able to use it more often, if you are using a brush designed for exfoliation, then less frequent use is advised.
  • Stop using the brush for a while if your skin becomes red and irritated to allow it to calm down and heal.

The Reviews

So now that you know what to look for and what may be best for your needs, below are the results of my facial cleansing reviews. But a couple of words (I know, I know), bear with me.

It is nearly impossible to find one product with hundreds of reviews and zero negative comments (I couldn’t find that magic combination). I only reported on those with an average of 4 or more stars from Amazon reviews.

Some of the negative comments for the oscillating/sonic brushes were because they did not spin… obviously the buyers did not understand what they were purchasing and that should not be considered a negative (so I did not comment on it). I would suggest that if you are considering a purchase of the facial brushes on the list, that you read the reviews yourself, or even compare a couple of them before making your decision.

The most talked about brands are Clarisonic and Foreo Luna, and you will see that just because they cost the most, they did not get the highest ratings. I am only including them for your comparison, not because I think they are any better. Comments key is below all reviews.

I have affiliate links on this website.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  This means if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

Spinning Brushes – Dolface, HEYFYV, ETEREAUTY, PIXNOR, Fanci

Facial Cleansing Brush









Oscillating Brushes – Liberex, MicroPure Sonic, MicroPure Face & Body, Remington Compact, Remington Reveal, Clarisonic Prime, Clarisonic Mia 2, Clarisonic Smart

Facial Cleaning Brush

Sonic Silicone Cleansers – Solo Mini, Sunmay Sonic, MINT Sonic, Foreo Luna mini, Foreo Luna mini 2

Sonic Silicone Cleansers









Comments Key:

  • (1) stopped working
  • (2) got wet (even though waterproof)
  • (3) slight amount of pressure slowed down the speed
  • (4) cannot purchase single replacement brushes, must purchase set of 4
  • (5) only has USB charger
  • (6) some 1 star ratings say they received a used device or it was fake
  • A anti-microbial brush and cheaper replacement heads ($9.99)
  • B good customer service

My Top Picks

I have affiliate links on this website.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  This means if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

Like I said earlier, I decided none of the spinning brushes met my need for being rechargeable, so I did not single out any of them; but you may decide one is right for you based on the details above.

#1 Oscillating – Liberex Egg Vibrating Facial Brush

This little brush has some pretty cool features – 3 speed modes, 20 second smart reminder so you remember to move the brush around your face, 60 second auto shut down so you don’t overdo it, it is waterproof, has a wireless charger, replacement heads are available, and it got great ratings.

#1 Sonic Silicone Cleanser – MINT Sonic

This is a flat silicone vibrating/sonic cleanser with 15 levels of intensity. It has 2 sides covered in raised silicone ridges and nubs, one side is for massaging, the other side has 2 surfaces, one for your T-zone and one for cleansing. Because this is entirely silicone, you can easily wash it off, so no worries about collecting bacteria; and no need to buy replacement heads. This one had very high reviews.

#1 Combination Spinning and Oscillating Facial Brush – Remington Reveal

This overachiever is for people like me who can’t decide which one to buy because it spins and oscillates at the same time – yes! It has 3 heads for sensitive, normal, and massaging; it has 3 cleansing speeds – delicate, normal, and powerful. It is waterproof, comes with a stand, and for those of us who are always in a hurry, it has a quick charge function that allows you to recharge in just 30 minutes. The replacement heads are inexpensive compared to the competition, and best of all, the brushes are anti-microbial to resist bacteria. Perfect!

What are you waiting for? Go get one for yourself! And let me know what you think by leaving a comment below…thanks!








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